Binaural Beats

The scientific benefits of Binaural Beats are extensively analyzed
in the previously mentioned Humboldt study:

it’s about sine waves for the left and right ear, that differ slightly in their frequencies. This slight difference generates the appropriate beats in the human brain, which move it to the respective frequency condition.
The binaural beats are available in our software for VR glasses.
Delta waves (1Hz – 2Hz) induce a state of deep relaxation, while Theta waves (4Hz – 7Hz) promote a relaxing, meditative state. Alpha waves (9Hz – 10Hz) invigorate and boost new energy and creativity. Beta waves in low and medium frequencies (16Hz – 18Hz) promote rational thinking and increase concentration and attention. In addition, we offer binaural music that fits the different frequencies. In the selection menu you can only hear the pure sine waves without music. Here, too, the advantages of virtual reality come into play: In a special virtual relaxation room, the movement of the wave is also shown at the same frequency. This appeals also to the visual senses in addition to hearing and enables even deeper immersion and relaxation. Binaural audio enables three-dimensional hearing – matching the three-dimensional images of the applications in the VR glasses.