Meditations and Fantasy Trips

Guided breathing and sleep enhancing exercises and meditations with a soothing voice help to achieve a state of deep relaxation, slow down breathing, and promote the regeneration of mind and body.

The focus on breathing and the guided instructions gradually help to achieve a state of pleasant calm, security and complete relaxation. Stress reduction is the magic word here. Free your mind from worries and the constantly spinning merry-go-round of thoughts: switch off, relax and listen to the soothing voice. The advantage of virtual reality is that the corresponding real or virtual environments help beginners in meditation to let go and engage more intensively with the content. In the software for the VR glasses there are no distractions from the outside world. The virtual environment helps to intensify visual relaxation and to gain new mental energy. Feel deeply relaxed and come to inner peace and serenity. Fantasy trips to distant worlds and fairy tales as virtual trips with VR glasses help to escape the mental hamster wheel. These daydreams are an important tool for sustainable stress prevention. They promote the strengthening of resilience and creativity. Applications which help falling asleep enable better and more sustainable sleep.