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Virtual Reality glasses and Magic Horizons applications: pure relaxation!

Our holistic approach with the newest VR technology and unique, relaxing content far exceeds the possibilities of meditation apps. VR applications are perfect for people in all walks of life who are exposed to great mental stress and wish to achieve maximum concentration and mental fitness. The Magic Horizons VR applications are also excellent for calming and distraction before and during medical treatments.

Magic Horizons system: the holistic concept

Combined with VR glasses, the Magic Horizons systems helps you come to rest,
reduce stress and recharge your batteries:

  • In the Playlists you can select from a variety of categories and also create your own playlists
  • The Training Plan enables you to focus on targeted stress relief, relaxation and resilience strengthening
  • The Single Application menu lets you select individual applications that are particularly good for you
  • The Tablet Mode provides a user-friendly remote-control function for the VR glasses

Description of the VR applications

Instructions of the VR applications


Just a few regular timeouts

wearing a VR headset with relaxing applications from Magic Horizons are enough to promote your mental regeneration and will soon leave you feeling relaxed.

Frequency of use of VR sessions

  • Even just 2-3 VR sessions per week are enough to achieve lasting relaxation of mind and body
  • In the Training Plan, each VR session contains 1–2 VR applications – which is equivalent to approx. 10–15 minutes. The training sessions can be used multiple times
  • The Playlists enable VR sessions lasting more than one hour. They are particularly good for distracting during treatments
  • As a rule of thumb: carefully dosed and purposeful use is important

Unique applications,

produced in 360-degree, 3D and high resolution for mobile VR systems.

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Scientifically well founded

In a study conducted at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Magic Horizons, the effectiveness of VR for relaxation has been confirmed.

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