Regardless of where you are. Regardless of how much time you have. 
Regardless of your mood.

Simply relax with a virtual reality headset and Magic Horizons experiences.

Our holistic approach with modern VR technology and unique, touching content far exceeds the possibilities of conventional relaxation CDs and smartphone meditation apps. VR applications are perfect for people in all walks of life who are exposed to great psychological stress and wish to achieve maximum concentration and mental fitness.

Just a few regular timeouts

wearing a VR headset with relaxing experiences from Magic Horizons are enough to promote your spiritual regeneration and will soon leave you feeling relaxed.

Here’s how it works

Unique experiences,

produced in 360-degree, 3D and 4K resolution for stationary and mobile VR systems.

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Scientifically well founded

In a study by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Magic Horizons the effectiveness of VR for relaxation has been confirmed.

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