VR Nature Videos

Relax within stereoscopic 360 VR Nature applications in 3D as a software for VR glasses:

Go on virtual trips with VR glasses. Swim with dolphins in the ocean, immerse within the untouched landscape and white sandy beaches of Crete, or ponder amidst the contemplative ambience of the Alps with its vast mountain lakes and lush green forests. If Thailand is your desire, you can relax while walking amidst mystic temples, pristine coves and ancient jungles. To optimize your relaxation, special binaural music has been adeptly synced with each application. The virtual journey to picturesque nature settings has a positive effect on mental health, promotes stress relief and mental regeneration and has, according to a study by the prestigious Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, conducted for Magic Horizons, a relaxing effect. The advantages of Virtual Reality are the high level of immersion and the presence effect during the applications. This helps to achieve rapid and lasting relaxation and subsequent mental energy regeneration.

Making of Green Mountains

Making of Gorge Walk

Gorge Walk