Calming of patients for clinics with VR

Relaxing with Virtual Reality for stress reduction
and calming of patients before and during treatments

virtual reality headset

 Innovation in your hospital / practice with Virtual Reality

Benefits for hospitals / practices

  • Time efficiency: less stress at work
  • Positioning as a highly innovative hospital / practice
  • ‘Positive’ associations with the hospital / practice
  • Public relations within the framework of statutory restrictions
  • Presentation of the hospital / practice as an attractive, innovative employer

Benefits for patients

  • Calming before and during treatment
  • Subjective reduction in treatment time
  • Deep relaxation for your patients

The VR headset can be used before, during and after treatment.

A new dimension of relaxation for your patients in your hospital or practice

Relaxation • Letting go • Calming • Distraction

Magic Horizons VR experiences create deep states of relaxation and calming at the touch of a button.
Based on scientific research and a study by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Relax in Natural WorldsRelax in Natural Worlds

Real Natural Worlds in VR with binaural music

Plunge into the ocean to dive with dolphins, drift through virgin landscapes and along pristine beaches, explore mystical temples or enjoy the contemplative atmosphere of the Alpine foothills surrounded by mountain lakes and green forests – accompanied by binaural music to suit your experience. Travelling to picturesque places has a beneficial effect to mental health and induce a state of relaxation and calming according to the findings of a study by the
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Magic Horizons.

Binaural AudioBinaural Audio

Delta, Theta & Alpha Waves – VR with relaxation frequencies

Binaural Beats are based on scientific findings and are being analyzed extensively in the Humboldt study as well: They are pure sine waves with slightly different frequencies for the left and right ear. This marginal difference generates corresponding beats in the human brain that place the brain in the respective frequency state. There is also music that suits the different frequencies.

Dreams & MeditationsDreams & Meditations

Breathe & Relax, Free your Mind, Fairy Tales, Echoes in White

Guided breathing and relaxation exercises, meditations and fairy tales help to induce a state of deep relaxation, slow down the breathing rate and promote regeneration of the body and mind. The virtual environment also ensures immersive visual relaxation.


Use the relaxation in fantastic natural worlds with special binaural audio frequencies, dream images and meditations before and during treatment, with real added value for your patients, your staff and yourself.

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virtual reality headset

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Relaxation and mental regeneration in virtual reality