Frequently asked questions

What is the use of the Magic Horizons VR applications?

Magic Horizons is a holistic platform on which customers can find virtual reality solutions for stress reduction, patient calming, mental training and the promotion of mental health.

Anytime & anywhere. You can expect relaxing, stress-reducing and calming virtual worlds full of beauty:

  • Real natural worlds in 360° and 3D, to switch off, relax and gain new mental energy
  • Binaural beats for deep relaxation
  • Guided meditations, sleep enhancing exercises, fairy tales and fantasy trips
  • Interactive brain trainings from number training to kinesiology

All VR applications are based on scientific research and a study by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Magic Horizons. We also work with King’s College London, the USC (University of Southern California) and the NHS Cambridgeshire.

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What products does Magic Horizons offer?

Magic Horizons offers the following product lines:

  • Bundle of software and VR hardware: Easy Mobile and Premium Mobile
  • Software VR licenses only for Pico G2 4K, Pico Neo 3 and Pico 4 Enterprise
  • Licensing of 360° VR videos

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What is special about VR technology?

The 360° ​​VR environment enables a much better immersion than, for example, smartphone relaxation apps, which can still be distracting because of the external environment. In VR, however, you are completely away from the external, shielded from the outside world.

In virtual reality, you don’t just “see” a film about dolphins, you are right in the middle of it and swim with dolphins. You don’t only watch a film about the sea, you are on the “dream beach” and the sea is within your grasp. The same applies to any other VR world: the feeling of “presence” arises – you actually believe that you are “on site”. This makes it much easier for the human brain to “let go” and relax much deeper and faster. The high resolution and stereoscopy (3D) help here to make the VR worlds appear even more realistic to the brain.


How do VR glasses differ from smartphone relaxation apps?

In virtual reality, the presence effect is many times higher. This means that you no longer watch a film, but you are part of the film or experience. This enables a much faster and more lasting relaxation and stress reduction.

How are 360-degree applications created?

Click here to watch the Making of Green Mountains video.

What is so special about binaural sound?

Click here for our binaural mixing article.

What is clean content?

By clean content, we mean violence and horror-free content that will liberate your mind. It relieves tension and reduces stress so that you can absorb new mental energy. Magic Horizons 360° videos and interactive VR applications aim to facilitate calming, stress reduction and wellness for the soul.

Guided meditation, sleep enhancing and breathing exercises, atmospheric natural settings, natural sounds and relaxing music reduce stress and trigger positive emotions. Allowing your soul to relax.

What does ``Magic Horizons - my better life`` stand for?

Magic – for magically simple and the positive feeling when experiencing our VR. Horizons– for the variety of our VR applications – in every situation and for every taste. The claim my better life embodies the increased quality of life through our products and services.

What is Magic Horizons' data security policy?

The protection of our customers’ data is our top priority. As a German company, the protection of private data and GDPR compliance are very important to Magic Horizons. We finance ourselves through subscription models and sales of the VR app as well as additional content (e.g. in-app purchases) in B2B and in the future in B2C. Customer data is not sold or otherwise made available to third parties.

Do our customers have to register the VR glasses online?

Our customers who rent the Easy Mobile or Premium Mobile VR glasses as a subscription do not have to register online or go online with the VR glasses. Only if the customers wants to receive updates online in the future they have to go online specifically via their own WiFi for this purpose.

Customers who obtain licenses from us for their own VR glasses have to go online to download and install our content on their VR glasses via PC:

  • You will receive a download link for the actual VR software by email
  • Additionally you will receive a license key to activate the license per email
  • Then you can go offline again
  • After the booked period has expired, you only need to go online again to renew your license

Can I wear my glasses under the VR glasses?

If you have long-distance glasses (user is near-sighted), please leave your glasses on under the VR glasses.

Do I have to install anything?

All the required software is pre-installed on your VR glasses. You can start right away.

Do I need WiFi to use the VR glasses?

No, all software is completely installed. If you want an update via WiFi in the future, this is possible. An update without WiFi is of course also possible. Then the update takes place on site via SD card or by exchanging the VR glasses.

How do VR glasses differ from smartphone relaxation apps?

In virtual reality, the presence effect is many times higher. This means that you no longer only watch a film, but are immersed in the film or experience. This enables a much faster result along with a more lasting relaxation and stress reduction.

Can you compare VR glasses with smartphone apps?

Relaxing with VR glasses is much faster and more effective, as there is no external distraction. The VR glasses and headphones completely shield the user from their surroundings.

Can I also use interactive experiences on the Easy Mobile VR glasses?

To use interactive experiences you need the Premium Mobile VR glasses.

Is the Magic Horizons software a CE-certified medical product?

The Magic Horizons software is also available for medical use as a CE-certified class 1 medical product in the European Union only: Reduction of anxiety, stress and sensation of pain of a patient before, during and/or after uncomfortable medical treatments, surgery and/or in situations with high levels of stress.