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13.-15.11.2019, Amsterdam Date

Magic Horizons at VR Days Europe.

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Virtual reality needs 5G Article

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02.-05.05.2019, Dresden Event

connect-ec 2019 with Magic Horizons team.

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Connect EC Exhibit & Conference Press article

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High-quality content based on the latest scientific findings Article

The effectiveness of VR for relaxation has been confirmed in a study by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

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NEC Showcase, London Event

Behind the scenes at NEC Showcase 2018 at our virtual reality booth.

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Constant stress, anxiety disorders, burn-out prevention Article

Issue 63 of GEO WISSEN analyses physical symptoms and provides lots of tips. ‘Wounds heal slower if you’re stressed’ and ‘positive emotions can alleviate the progress of many illnesses, while negative ones aggravate them’ according to GEO Wissen, issue no. 63.

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STERN, No. 35/2019: ‘Pain relief: immersing themselves in virtual worlds helps patients’ Article

‘Patients who used virtual reality glasses felt less pain for a longer period of time than those who distracted themselves by watching TV,’ a US study has found. The palliative effects lasted for up to 72 hours. Patients with extremely severe pains benefited most from the glasses. The mechanism by which this operates, it is believed, is that experiences in the virtual reality realm distract the patient so much that their pains are perceived less intensely.’
(Source/citation: STERN magazine, no. 35, 22/8/2019, page 18).

For further information, visit scinexx and PLOS ONE.

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Binaural Audio Mix Article

We have improved the existing binaural mixing technique to create a superb, three-dimensional musical soundscape.

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What does Magic Horizons offer?

We develop 360° videos and interactive VR experiences for visualisation on virtual reality headsets, which transport you to remote or magical places with special music, allowing relaxation, joy and new energy through passive or active experiences. Magic Horizons offers a particularly varied selection of elaborately produced experiences with binaural (3D) sound and continuously develops these products. We offer interactive and passive experiences – from nature to computer generated imagery (CGI) – with and without meditation.

How are 360-degree experiences created?

Click here to watch the Making of Green Mountains video.

What is so special about binaural sound?
What is clean content?

By clean content, we mean violence and horror-free content that will liberate your mind. It relieves tension so that you can absorb new energy. Magic Horizons 360° videos and interactive experiences aim to facilitate wellness for the soul and are designed for virtual travellers aged between 13 and 99. Meditation, atmospheric settings, natural sounds and relaxing music reduce stress and trigger positive emotions. Allowing your soul to relax.