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Tagesschau reports:

Less sedatives. Virtual reality reduces anxiety during surgeries.

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Magic Horizons Relaxation at Hanover Airport

Magic Horizons Relaxation at Hanover Airport:

An exciting cooperation with Hannover Airport, Grube Kommunikation and Kabetec.

Virtual Reality auf der Expo 2020 Dubai

Magic Horizons and inMotion VR announce strategic partnership

(Netherlands/Germany) – inMotion VR and Magic Horizons join forces with their new strategic partnership, offering customers a wider range of VR applications for XR healthcare solutions.

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Virtual Reality at Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai

Magic Horizons is showcasing Virtual Reality at Expo 2020 Dubai during the Bavarian weeks in the German Pavilion

Das Informationszentrum

The information center visited Magic Horizons and various other companies on the subject of innovative 5G applications in a roadshow.

Our topic: How can virtual reality with its high data rates and low latency become a “super use case” for 5G – and vice versa?
The 5G networks are very exciting for our Magic Horizons VR applications: In the future, 5G will enable new 360 VR content to be streamed directly to our customers in real time and in top quality from the cloud.


MEDICA 2021 – Interview with Magic Horizons, Martin Koppehele


“Everything that creates a stress response in our life can be countered with a relaxation response.”

Interview with Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Sappok (specialist in general medicine, lecturer in general medicine at the Medical Faculty of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany)

Erklärvideo Mitarbeiter

Stress reduction, increasing resilience and mental health support for employees.


Magic Horizons has been selected to present our VR solutions as part of the “Clash of the 5G-Startups” in London at 5G World Summit

Virtual Reality for stress reduction and mental regeneration as a super use case for 5G. We look forward to the event!

Dolphins Dream

The association Wir Sind Altenpflege provides a workshop about Virtual Travel

The training according to §53c SGB XI for care staff according to §43b SGB XI presents the application possibilities of Virtual Reality in the care of seniors and people in need of care.

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Magic Horizons will be exhibiting at the HR trade fair in Munich from 27 – 28 October 2021.

Please arrange a meeting or visit us at the booth B22.

Virtual Reality in der Kinderonkologie in der München Klinik Schwabing

Virtual Reality in pediatric oncology at the Munich Clinic Schwabing

Wir sind Altenpflege

Magic Horizons is now a member of the association Wir sind Altenpflege e.V.

We look forward to supporting the association with our innovative VR solutions: virtual travel and relaxation for residents and employees in care homes.

“When I wear the [Virtual Reality (VR)] glasses, I don’t think about my illness”

describes a childhood cancer patient her experience with the Magic Horizons VR applications in “COLUMBA – Das Palliativ-Portal Magazin”. “In addition to numerous senior citizens who are calmer and in a more positive mood as a result of their digital journeys, nursing staff also report their own virtual time-outs, which make them more relaxed, more balanced and thus ultimately more stress-resistant.”

Read the full article here.

Magic Horizons at the Priental retirement home in Aschau

Video: Magic Horizons

„Virtual Reality with 5G – Interview with Giorgio Koppehele, Magic Horizons“, 16.4.2021

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Study by the University of Hamburg shows that virtual nature also has a positive effect on well-being.

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VR TRAILER 2021 – Magic Horizons

Here is a planar preview in 2D of the new Magic Horizons 360 VR trailer with brief impressions of various VR experiences.

Magic Horizons at the Altenpflegemesse 2023

Magic Horizons at the “Altenpflegemesse 2023” (Elderly Care Trade Fair 2023)

Over three days, we were able to present our unique solutions for “Virtual Travel” for seniors and “Virtual Breaks” for nursing staff at the „Altenpflegemesse” (Elderly Care Trade) in Nuremberg, Germany. We received a lot of interest and demand for our virtual reality products, which have been scientifically evaluated and certified as CE-certified medical devices. Here is a 3 min video from the fair:

In a TV report, Bayerischer Rundfunk reports on the relaxing and mobilizing effect of the Magic Horizons VR experiences at the Barmherzige Schwestern retirement and nursing home in Krailling.

“For her and the team, she says, it’s wonderful to watch the residents dive into another world. That is also digital participation.” said Silke Süss from social care.

Altenpflege Messe

VR relaxation and virtual journeys for the elderly at the virtual ALTENPFLEGE (Elderly care) conference.

From the 6th to the 8th of July 2021, Magic Horizons will attend the Virtual ALTENPFLEGE (Elderly care) conference and is nominated for the Startup Challenge 2021. Please feel free to schedule a meeting with us right now and receive more information about VR relaxation and stress reduction for the elderly.

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Nature Sound

“Sounds of nature are proven to be healthy”. from 28.03.2021

“Birds chirping, the sound of a creek or wind rustling through treetops: such sounds of nature not only sound pretty, but also have concrete health benefits. At least that is the result of a US study published in the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences (“PNAS”)” according to on 28.03.2021. The VR experiences of Magic Horizons use exactly this effect.

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Dental Care

The Dental Team of DDS Dental Care Shanghai brings magic moments and relaxation to their patients.

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Magic Horizons at Munich airport: MUC Skytrax 2020 – Relax Cabs

Video: Munich Airport

Martin Koppehele (Magic Horizons), Ulrike Schneider (Alloheim, Sven Dahle (BBK-VBU)

The Alloheim senior citizens’ home Taubertal offers Virtual Reality Experiences of Magic Horizons.

Residents and employees dip into virtual worlds.


Magic Horizons and French Telecom company Orange are teaming up.

Orange shares the Magic Horizons’ 360 Virtual Reality Videos for: Relaxation, stress reduction and mental regeneration. In these extraordinary times mental health is very important. So immersive yourself in beautiful 360 worlds, join breathing exercises in VR, watch a Dreamy Beach, enjoy Dolphins, enter the Magic Garden or float in Space. Pure wellness for your soul.
Fairy tales in virtual reality

People of all ages love fairy tales, and we need them today more than ever.

Experiencing the fairy tales of your childhood in VR is an intense journey into a world full of magic and fantasy. A world filled with fundamentally human needs and dreams.
Immersing yourself with a VR headset in a land of kings, giants and dwarves allows us to completely switch off from the here and now, from the worries and difficulties of everyday life, no matter how big or small. Fairy tales are much more than simply exciting and captivating stories. Spending time with fairy tales – precious time – is almost a luxury!

Calming patients at the dentist with VR experiences of Magic Horizons

Feedback of dentist Med. dent. David Diaz (

High-quality content based on the latest scientific findings Article

The effectiveness of VR for relaxation has been confirmed in a study by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

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Tonart, Issue 3, 2019: ‘Magic Horizons, Reducing Stress in 3D’ Article

‘If we can’t just shake off day-to-day stress, we need to take some time out. Lengthy holidays, a cure or a long-distance trip can help us escape the mental hamster wheel. However, there are also remedies that can be effective with a small daily dose, the multimedia specialists at Magic Horizons say: trips to virtual worlds that pair the visual dream sceneries with 3D sounds that immerse the listener, putting them into a state of deep relaxation without the need for a plane ticket or a heavy suitcase…’

Source: Wolfgang Tunze, tonart das Musikmagazin für Ärzte, Issue 3| 2019, Page 20, publishing company otello media

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World Mental Health Day 2020: WHO organizes an online event to promote mental health on 10 October.

Interesting expert presentations are expected, especially in the context of the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. You can also look forward to great music performances on the social media channels of the World Health Organization.

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NEWSFLASH: A quick flash on relaxing experiences with Magic Horizons. Let yourself be inspired.

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“The sound of the sea during lunch break”

Author: Sabine Narloch,

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Flughafen München

Passengers at Munich Airport go on a virtual journey with the VR experiences of Magic Horizons.

Photo source: ATF Pictures Alex T. Friedel  

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Virtual Reality in practice – new article in the magazine „Altenheim“ (“Care Home”)

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Press Release Alloheim: “Virtual journeys and experiences for seniors at the Alloheim Taubertal Seniors Centre”

Picture: Care assistant Ina Rehda and resident Franziska (102)

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Theta Waves

“Meditate with Virtual Reality”

Author: Helmut Martin-Jung,, 19.01.2021

The newspaper’s Internet portal of Süddeutsche Zeitung, a leading newspaper in Germany, published an article about Magic Horizons.

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Goldener Herbst

According to a study by the University of Exeter, VR nature videos trigger real happiness.

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The importance of music in preventing stress

Music has been proven to prevent stress. It can help to reduce stress in terms of physiological, cognitive and emotional factors. In the brain, music has effects of similar intensity to physiological reward systems. When music is processed in the brain, it’s not just auditory systems that are involved. Language, motor and visual zones are also active in this process. So music that is produced to play to these effects creates “feelings of happiness”.  They break the continuous tension caused by stress and strengthen resilience. This effect is amplified massively when music is combined with virtual reality environments.

Goethe Institut

GOETHE-INSTITUT in HONGKONG invites you to participate in the unique VR experiences of Magic Horizons GmbH

Sunny Island

Ready for a vacation? Need a little time off despite Corona?

Free Your Mind: Relaxing by a picturesque brook in Thailand with “Free Your Mind”: this guided meditation in virtual reality (VR) is all about finding inner peace and switching off from the constant cycle of thoughts.

Listen to the meditation, the babbling of the brook and the relaxing music. The visual 360-degree sensations in VR significantly enhance the effect: there are no distractions, and you can completely immerse yourself in the calming worlds.

STERN, No. 35/2019: ‘Pain relief: immersing themselves in virtual worlds helps patients’ Article

‘Patients who used virtual reality glasses felt less pain for a longer period of time than those who distracted themselves by watching TV,’ a US study has found. The palliative effects lasted for up to 72 hours. Patients with extremely severe pains benefited most from the glasses. The mechanism by which this operates, it is believed, is that experiences in the virtual reality realm distract the patient so much that their pains are perceived less intensely.’
(Source/citation: STERN magazine, no. 35, 22/8/2019, page 18).

For further information, visit scinexx and PLOS ONE.

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Giorgio and Martin Koppehele

Binaural Audio Mix Article

We have improved the existing binaural mixing technique to create a superb, three-dimensional musical soundscape.

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Telekom offers the VR relaxation videos of Magic Horizons in the Magenta Virtual Reality App.

NEC Showcase 2018

NEC Showcase, London Event

Behind the scenes at NEC Showcase 2018 at our virtual reality booth.

Constant stress, anxiety disorders, burn-out prevention Article

Issue 63 of GEO WISSEN analyses physical symptoms and provides lots of tips. ‘Wounds heal slower if you’re stressed’ and ‘positive emotions can alleviate the progress of many illnesses, while negative ones aggravate them’ according to GEO Wissen, issue no. 63.

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Connect EC Exhibit & Conference Press article

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Connect EC Conference in Dresden

02.-05.05.2019, Dresden Event

connect-ec 2019 with Magic Horizons team.

Sunny Island

„Relaxation effects and regeneration after stress have been demonstrated for music and virtual environments in various studies.“

Dr. Christian Stein from the study (dated 01.11.2018) of the at the cluster of excellence Image Knowledge Design of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Magic Horizons GmbH 

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Virtual reality needs 5G Article

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