Sport Virtual Reality: relaxation and focusing for athletes

Focusing, stress reduction and mental training as
keys to success with Virtual Reality!


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Virtual reality innovation for better training and competitive success

Application possibilities

  • Focus and mental warm-up prior to training / competition
  • Mental regeneration after training / competition
  • Removing mental blocks to achieve your full potential
  • Help with overcoming negative thought patterns
  • Active relaxation, even in noisy environment
  • Overcoming stage fright and competitive stress
  • Preventing burn-out as a result of pressure to perform


  • Improved performance
  • Better mental preparation
  • Faster achievement of goals
  • Quick regeneration

A new dimension of mental support in professional and grassroots sport

Relaxation • Focus • Mental preparation

Deep relaxation and mental regeneration at the touch of a button. Mental training as a key to success. Based on scientific research and a study by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Relax in Natural WorldsRelax in Natural Worlds

Real Natural Worlds in VR with binaural music

Plunge into the ocean to dive with dolphins, drift through virgin landscapes and along pristine beaches, explore mystical temples or enjoy the contemplative atmosphere of the Alpine foothills surrounded by mountain lakes and green forests – accompanied by binaural music to suit your experience. Travelling to picturesque places has a beneficial effect to mental health and induce a state of relaxation and calming according to the findings of a study by the
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Magic Horizons.

Binaural AudioBinaural Audio

Delta, Theta & Alpha Waves – VR with relaxation frequencies

Binaural Beats are based on scientific findings and are being analyzed extensively in the Humboldt study as well: They are pure sine waves with slightly different frequencies for the left and right ear. This marginal difference generates corresponding beats in the human brain that place the brain in the respective frequency state. There is also music that suits the different frequencies.

Dreams & MeditationsDreams & Meditations

Breathe & Relax, Free your Mind, Fairy Tales, Echoes in White

Guided breathing and relaxation exercises, meditations and fairy tales help to induce a state of deep relaxation, slow down the breathing rate and promote regeneration of the body and mind. The virtual environment also ensures immersive visual relaxation.

Our VR software is available for the following VR glasses:

VR Brille

As a bundle of VR glasses and
pre-installed VR software for:

Easy Mobile – Pico G2 4K
Premium Mobile – Pico Neo 2 & Neo 3

VR Software

As a software-only license for:

Pico G2 4K
Pico Neo 2 & Neo 3

Our products (soft / hardware bundles and the software-only licenses) are subscription models.
We look forward to your request to provide you with details on possible use cases, features and prices.

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Use the relaxation in fantastic natural worlds with special binaural audio frequencies, dream images and meditations with real added value.

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Relaxation and mental regeneration in virtual reality