Interactive Applications

Our interactive applications for the VR glasses are especially effective
due to the fully isolated display of the Virtual Reality glasses.

In scenarios developed specifically for this purpose, two controllers are used to offer a particularly interactive and relaxing immersive experience. You can playfully attain a relaxing flow state in the Crystal Cave A and B. Keep your mind sharp with the interactive, scalable Number Training with numbers and symbols in 180 and 360 degrees. Kinesiology is a training for the hand-eye coordination. Our system analyzes the accuracy and evaluates the training at the end. Moon Experience is an interactive throwing game for shoulder and neck training. In the Soundwave Cinema you can experience relaxing binaural natural and special music sounds in a virtual home cinema. Our software for VR glasses with the interactive training units enables you to quickly get into flow states, practice pattern recognition in a three-dimensional space and improve your hand-eye coordination.