Perfect sound meets perfect visuals

About Magic Horizons

Founded in 2018, Magic Horizons GmbH consists of experienced video and music producers, designers and programmers. All VR experiences are based on scientific advice and a study for Magic Horizons conducted at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (, part of the Excellence Cluster Image Knowledge Design). The founders and producers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele launched Magic Horizons with their international team and expertise: a new, pioneering software company in order to create a holistic, global platform for relaxation and mental regeneration and calming in virtual reality.

Martin Koppehele

Platform & Sales, Founder, CEO

Diego M. Bonati

Head of Visuals

Suna Koppehele

Product development

Claudia Moersch

Marketing & PR

amplura S.à r.l. *

Uta Vogelsang


Giorgio Koppehele

Head of Content, Founder, CEO

Todd Keitz

Head of U.S. business unit

Gabi Koppehele

Product development

Paul Edel

Medical consultant

Andreas Grabher


*on a project basis, amplura S.à r.l., working on behalf of the shareholder Catalpa Ventures Verwaltungs GmbH

A solution for mental regeneration and for coping with everyday stress:

Magic Horizons offers a unique combination of elaborately produced 360-degree environments in 3D, calming music, the latest Virtual Reality technology and relaxing virtual worlds. The Magic Horizons VR experiences are excellent for calming before and during medical treatments, for a short relaxation after mentally demanding activities and for mental regeneration.