Terms of use of Magic Horizons GmbH (LLC) for Magic Horizons Virtual Reality

The following terms of use apply to the use of virtual reality glasses of Magic Horizons GmbH (“VR glasses“). As far as the customer leaves the use of VR glasses to third parties, he/she has to make sure that these third parties take notice of the following terms of use. By initiating utilization of the Virtual Reality (VR) glasses the customer automatically accepts the following terms of use of Magic Horizons GmbH.

1) General Information

  • These terms of use apply in addition to our general terms and conditions.
  • Magic Horizons GmbH produces Virtual Reality applications for relaxation and mental regeneration. The basis for this is a study which gamelab.berlin of the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Design of the Humboldt University of Berlin created for Magic Horizons.
  • Magic Horizons GmbH does not guarantee the effectiveness of the virtual reality applications.
  • In case of improper use, especially use contrary to the explicit instructions in these terms of use, our warranty may expire.

2) Safety Instructions

  • The VR glasses should only be used while sitting or lying with sufficient free space around the user. Make sure that the user is not in the immediate vicinity of other people, that there are no objects in the vicinity that could be damaged or injure the user.
  • The VR glasses are designed for use in closed rooms and should only be used outdoors with special care, otherwise the title towards warranty will expire.
  • The VR glasses should not be placed near little children or pets.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the VR glasses.

3) Health Instructions

  • Virtual reality applications can cause discomfort, nausea and disorientation.
  • Users with mental illness, disorientation, epilepsy, migraines, neck problems, dizziness or fainting and people undergoing medical or therapeutic treatment should always consult their doctor and/or therapist before using these applications.
    This is mandatory when using medical equipment including cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and defibrillators. The VR glasses and the controller(s) may contain magnets or components that emit radio waves that can affect the function of these electronic devices. Stop the use of the VR glasses and/or the controller(s) if you observe a permanent interference with your medical device.
  • If you experience any discomfort, dizziness, loss of perception, impaired vision, numbness, discomfort or pain in the head, eyes or neck, disorientation, loss of balance or cramps during use, stop the use immediately.
    We recommend taking regular breaks while using the Virtual Reality applications.
    Make sure that the audio volume is moderate when using headphones. Excessive audio volume can cause hearing damage. Please also read the safety instructions of your headphone manufacturer.
  • Magic Horizons GmbH assumes no liability for any damage to health caused by the use of VR glasses and accessories.

4) Hygiene Instructions

  • Especially when used by different people, all VR glasses and accessories must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each individual use, in particular:
    • The face pad of the VR glasses (Attention: The lenses must not be cleaned with the wipes, but only with a dry microfibre cloth!)
    • The rear support on the battery pack of the VR glasses
    • The straps of the VR glasses
    • The controller
    • Any headphones and other accessories used
  • For cleaning, we recommend the use of special antibacterial, hypo-allergenic,  hygiene wipes with our without alcohol which are offered especially for this purpose. In addition, it is possible to disinfect the surfaces with special UVC light. Both methods can also be combined. We will be happy to provide you with further information on request. Please note the application and use instructions of the respective manufacturers of the cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • We explicitly point out that every customer of Magic Horizons GmbH is responsible for the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the VR glasses and accessories.
  • Magic Horizons GmbH does not accept any liability for damages caused by insufficient hygiene measures by the customer. The customer hereby indemnifies Magic Horizons GmbH from all claims.

5) Technical Notes

  • The lenses of the VR glasses must not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise the displays may be damaged and the warranty will expire.
  • Do not store the VR glasses near heat sources or in hot places such as a car exposed to sunlight.
  • Do not allow the VR glasses to get wet or come into contact with liquids. Any damage caused by this is excluded from the warranty of Magic Horizons GmbH.
  • After use, the VR glasses should be returned to the original carton or a suitable case and stored in a safe place.
  • The VR glasses should be used in such a way that they are secured against falling. Any damages caused by this are excluded from the warranty by Magic Horizons GmbH.
  • To avoid damage to the headset or the straps, please be careful when adjusting the headset and tightening the straps.
  • Please clean the lenses only with a dry and clean microfibre cloth (Attention: the lenses are very sensitive and can easily be scratched!).
  • Magic Horizons GmbH does not take over warranty for scratched lenses, incorrectly cleaned lenses or displays that are destroyed by sunlight.
  • We recommend to charge the VR glasses in time.
  • The VR glasses are fully charged when the LED is completely green.
  • In case of operational problems of the VR glasses / software, please switch off the glasses and reboot again.
  • To switch off the VR glasses press and hold the on/off switch on the glasses for a few seconds.
  • We recommend to use additional headphones for an immersive listening experience. Always keep the volume at a moderate level to protect your hearing.

6) Legal Information

  • The VR applications and all contents are property of Magic Horizons GmbH.
  • The use of the VR glasses and the Virtual Reality applications is limited to the scope of use granted to the customer in written or text form. Further use and exploitation is explicitly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the law.
  • The customer indemnifies Magic Horizons GmbH and all companies affiliated with Magic Horizons GmbH from all claims arising from or in connection with the use of VR glasses without limitation, from any liability, loss or damage (including attorney and expert fees, fees or other costs) caused by intent or gross negligence of customers or their users when using VR glasses.
  • Magic Horizons GmbH, its heirs, successors, representatives, employees and authorised representatives shall have no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any special or consequential damages resulting from of the use, misuse, inability to use the VR glasses or interpretation of the contents of the VR application.


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